My mother felt that both her and my father’s health were deteriorating and because their desire was to live in their home, she anticipated that one day they might need more help than I could give them. At the time, my parents and I felt like I could help them with all their needs but after a friend’s recommendation to call Graceful Healing to set up an appointment to meet Dana in the event that we might one day need help, I made the call. Dana came to my parent’s home to meet us. She never pressured us in anyway but simply took down my parent’s information just in case we were to ever need help in the future. Just knowing that we were in the Graceful Healing system gave my mother and me so much peace but little did we know just how thankful we would be that we took this first step because 4 months later, my mother suffered a head injury after a fall. After a week in the hospital the doctor made his Sunday rounds and told me that he would be discharging my mother to a nursing home Monday morning. I immediately called Graceful Healing and spoke to Dana directly on that Sunday morning. She told me not to worry because she would arrange everything! On Monday morning, the doctor discharged my mother to her home and Dana and a caregiver were there to meet us! With 24-hour care provided by Graceful Healing Home Care, my parents have been able to stay in their own home which I firmly believe has given them such a happy and great quality of life. Fast-forward to today, we still have our wonderful and loving caregivers provided by Graceful Healing. My mother has fully recovered from her head injury but needs minor assistance walking, showering, etc. and since January, my father is now requiring care due to Alzheimer’s disease. My parents now receive “Couples Care” from Graceful Healing. I would highly recommend Graceful Healing Home Care. Dana and Bennie are wonderful and are available any time I want or need to talk to them!  5 stars 
– Robert G.
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